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 A man called Ove Film Club
Sat 21 October
at 20:01
Stalls € 8
Balcony € 8
Concessions: € 8

A man called Ove Film Club

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 A man called Ove Film Club
59-year-old widower Ove Lindahl lives in a townhouse neighborhood. Ove used to be the chairman of the neighborhood association, until he was replaced by Rune. Rune is now bound to a wheelchair, unable to speak, after suffering a stroke. Nevertheless, Ove is still resentful of Rune and his wife, Anita. Ove is depressed after losing his wife, Sonja, a schoolteacher, who died of cancer six months previously. After working at the same company for 43 years, he is pushed toward retirement. His attempts to hang himself are repeatedly interrupted by Iranian immigrant Parvaneh, her Swedish husband and their two children, who are moving into the house across the street.

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