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 Who Will Separate Us
23 Sep - 24 Sep (2 shows)
at 8pm
Stalls € 10
Balcony € 10
Concessions: € 10

Who Will Separate Us

This is the 1916 story you didn’t expect

 Who Will Separate Us

Who Will Separate Us by Tom Noone

–He’s home from war but is he finished fighting?

It’s February 1916. Edward Noone, a Boer War veteran, is back in Naas on leave from Flanders. Eddie, a master hunter and ferreter, takes straight to the fields to set a few snares.

His wife Annie sees that he’s different this time. He’s quiet in himself. Empty. Even hunting for rabbits and hares doesn’t seem to make him happy.

Edward Noone is just one of the thousands of poor Irishmen fighting for the British army. While soldiering has given his family stability, Annie knows the price only too well. She and others in Naas buckle under the strain of separation and the daily fear of the dreaded telegram.

As his three-week furlough at home comes to an end, Eddie faces the toughest battle of his soldiering career.

This true story of ordinary people and their extraordinary lives was written by Edward Noone’s great, grandson, Tom Noone, who also plays the part of Eddie.

Tom was inspired to write the play having carried out extensive family research. All the characters are real people and while the scenes are imagined, the tragic events in their lives depicted in the play actually happened.

This is the 1916 story you didn’t expect.


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