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13 May 2023
The C in ZC Top Zumba got some very unexpected news at the beginning of 2023: Cancer

In true Celine style, its the usual thing either!
So we are fundraising for her! Bills don't stop, as a single momma she still needs to mind her child and keep the sunny side out where possible. OPEN TO ALL! We would like to show you the JOY of ZUMBA. Celine misses dancing so much so please join us
MAY 13th 2pm to 4pm in ST MARYS COLLEGE, we are hosting our 5th ZINVERSARY as well as THE BIGGEST FUNDRAISER we can do! €15 per ticket from here, or through ZUZA on 0872735091 via Revolut

So far we have a tone of local instructors lined up, with more announcements to come!
ZC Top Zumba's ZUZA ( with hopefully Celine Guesting if she can!)
Zumba Naas
Zumba Tribe
Live it up Zumba
Saor Fitness

Celine's Statement
'As some
of you already as aware, I have Cancer. I had been unwell over Christmas and
New Year, pains in right shoulder last year (differed pain), Pleurisy (so they
believed), 3 doctors later, and one pushy Celine who paid for a private
Ultrasound later….and yes now they believed me when I said I was sick. It was
not in my head! I have a unique Cancer as its called CUP (Carcinoma of unknown
primary)which took up its home in my Liver, and a bit of my Adrenal
Gland.  It has been an absolute cyclone of months for me that Dorothy from
The Wizard of Oz has no concept of. I am
doing all I can to take this challenge on like all others in my life: there are
no such things as problems, only solutions.'

I am very tired, some I cannot be moved, others cranky and most just not used
to having to take care of me in such a fashion. I have to inject myself for
clots daily & take a variety of medications that I could get a good price
for on the market. And remember, this is all since I found out in February,
January was all testing and hmmmm faces'

'I have started Chemo & am taking it every second, minute, hour, day at a time. I am a 'try what we can' case! And I will try it all

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13 May 2023
2:00 pm
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Moat Theatre
Moat Theatre, Abbey Road
Naas,KildareW91 CA43Ireland
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